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Photorejuvenation – IPL

Using the most technologically advanced equipment, Laser Skin Photo-Rejuvenation Treatment (Skin Remodeling) is performed by our licensed esthetician.

Laser Skin Photo-Rejuvenation treatment is a new FDA approved non-invasive modality. It is also known as Skin Remodeling. Specifically designed Laser is used for skin tightening and treatment of fine lines, wrinkles and skin laxity of the face, neck, chest (décolleté), arms, and hands. With increasing age and secondary to exposure sun and other environmental “offenders”, the collagen tissue and skin scaffolding weakens. Furthermore, with the advancement of age the rate of regeneration of collagen tissue slows down. The combination of these factors and the resultant loss of skin “tightness” and vibrancy will be manifested as wrinkles and skin laxity. Laser equipment used in skin Photo-Rejuvenation specifically target the collagen tissue, which is located in the deepest layer of the skin, and does not have any impact on the visible parts of the skin. The absorbed energy, will cause improvement in collagen regeneration and the reinvigoration of the skin scaffolding. Laser Skin Photo-Rejuvenation will reduce the wrinkles and skin laxity. Specific Laser settings are tailored for each patient and treatment to maximize improvement. Laser Skin Photo-Rejuvenation treatment does not cause any surface skin damage and does not result in any “downtime”. It is an excellent treatment for Rosacea and balancing the skin’s complexion. Makeup can be applied immediately post treatment. Treatments are very well tolerated and usually do not require any pre-treatment anesthetics. As with other skin rejuvenation techniques, in most occasions, more than one treatment is required to maximize the outcome of the treatment. Each treatment usually lasts around 15-30 minutes. Approximately 5 or more treatment sessions, which are 3-4 weeks apart, are usually required for optimal results. Laser Skin Photo-Rejuvenation can be used in conjunction with other skin rejuvenation treatment modalities, such as IPL Skin Photo-Rejuvenation treatment, Medical Microdermabrasion, and Medical Chemical Peels, for optimization of the aesthetics and anti-aging skin care.

What should I do before undergoing IPL Skin Photo-Rejuvenation Treatment?

It is imperative to stay away from the sun or tanning booths for 4 weeks prior to a treatment session. Furthermore, you should abstain from the use of self-tanning products for 2 weeks prior to the treatment session. Patients taking prescribed medications must warn the medical provider since some medications can lead to a reaction and sensitivity to light. In these situations, treatment will be postponed. You should discuss your desired results and the improvement you expect to achieve with your medical provider. Together you can decide if your expectations will be met and if the IPL treatment is your best option.

What should I expect from IPL Skin Photo-Rejuvenation Treatment?

You will have your make-up removed, if applicable, and your skin cleansed.

Before the treatment, a cold gel is applied to the treated area. You will be wearing protective eyewear throughout the treatment session. In spite of wearing the protective eyewear, you may “see” bright bursts of light. Your eyesight will not be affected or harmed. Depending on the treatment site, the skin Photo-Rejuvenation treatment will last approximately 15-30 minutes. Follow-up home care instructions for your skin type will be reviewed. Hydrating and other skin care products may be recommended or prescribed to assist you with your goals. It is strongly advised that you arrive for your first session with your current skin care products so the physician and aesthetician can review these products with you.

What are the results of IPL Skin Photo-Rejuvenation Treatment? How long before I notice the results?

For several hours after completion of the treatment session the skin will appear red, resembling a mild sunburn. Cold compresses can be applied to the treated area. Patients should be able to resume all normal activities immediately. Makeup can be applied immediately post treatment. On occasions, small areas of skin bruising may occur and last for a few days after treatment. The treated brown spots may assume a “coffee grinds” brown freckled appearance, which may last for few days to a week. Some increase in skin pigmentation should be anticipated during days 2-7 of the post-treatment period. This a good sign of an effective treatment.

IPL brings gradual changes over the course of treatments. After a full course, you will notice an improvement in skin texture, a decrease of redness and flushing, elimination of unwanted spots and vasculature, evenness of skin color, and a youthful skin tone.

What areas of the body can be treated with IPL Skin Photo-Rejuvenation Treatment?

Face, neck, chest (décolleté), shoulders and hands.

What conditions are not good candidates for IPL Skin Photo-Rejuvenation Treatment?

  • Active Skin Infections
  • Skin Conditions that may cause scarring and keloid formation

What are the risks of IPL Skin Photo-Rejuvenation Treatment?

Complications are not frequent. They include skin infection, burns and blisters, prolonged healing, discoloration, keloid, and scarring.

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